AX 2018: Legendary and Sunrise collaborate to create live-action Gundam

Day one of Anime Expo had some big news, but none was bigger than the reveal of a live-action collaboration between Legendary and Sunrise. Sunrise President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa announced the collaboration during its panel. Legendary Executive Vice-President of Production Cale Boyter and Bandai Namco Holdings President and Representative Director Mitsuaki Taguchi were also present for the special moment.

Gundam, in short, is about the overpopulation of Earth, causing people to colonate space. Those living in the colonies seek to be independent of those powers living on Earth, and to do so they declared war on them. The anime covers the discord of this human conflict, the tragedies that happen, and the maturation of all those affected by this conflict.

Legendary and Sunrise have many arcs to choose from. Even though we don’t know which ones they will adapt, fans should be either very excited or very cautious. This is a live-action adaptation of an anime we’re talking about here.

The last time we saw a Gundam on the big screen was in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. It featured many characters from movies, video games and television.

Are you excited about this news? Let us know.

Source: ANN, Legendary

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