Hitman 2 is silent but deadly fun

With games like Splinter Cell hiding in the shadows and Metal Gear headed in a downward spiral (due to no more Kojima), the stealth genre feels as if it’s been in a bit of a decline for the past few years. There’s been only one series that still carries the torch of hope for us all and that is Hitman. At this year’s E3, WB Interactive announced the seventh installment of the series, Hitman 2. We had the pleasure of getting some hands-on time with the silent assassin, and it was fun to say the least.

The Mission

The first thing to note about Hitman 2 is that it isn’t episodic like its predecessor (Hitman 2016), as you’ll have access to the full game from the start. The location is Miami, and we’re at a Le Mans-type race with the actual race in progress when we started. As the infamous Agent 47, we were tasked with seeking out one target: Sierra Knox, a race car driver who happens to be a genius inventor and the daughter of a highly sought-after arms dealer.

There’s no restriction on how you take her out, only that it must be done without getting caught. For demo purposes, we had only two options: take her out with a sniper rifle, or by explosive. IO Interactive have listened to the community on changes they’d like to see in this new game, and have implemented many of them.

New Features

Despite it being a sandbox game with non-linear direction, there are opportunities that appear if you’re fortunate enough to stumble upon them. These opportunities will help lead you in a direction to complete your task, but it’s purely at your discretion if you wish to do so. Opportunities are not new to the game, but now there are picture-in-picture pop-ups that help give you more context to your mission.

I felt like that was one of the biggest and necessary changes needed to be brought in, and it helped a lot. Another new feature I came across was the ability to blend into crowds, similar to how you can in Assassin’s Creed. Others include the implementation of mirrors, as you can be seen by others and vice versa, so utilizing them can be advantageous. Lastly there’s the ability to throw objects at people to knock them out. I have been waiting for this mechanic to be added in for quite a long time (as I’ve played every Hitman game to date) and my wishes have been answered. It’s probably one of the most satisfying things in the game so far.


Even though there are plenty of ways to traverse and dispatch your targets, I’ll hold back on spoiling the route I took to achieve my eliminations. I was able to try both the sniper assassination and the explosive kill, so you’ll get a taste of the multiple pathways you can take. Starting off, you’re at the front gates of the pit area dressed in shorts and a polo shirt, which is very much unlike Agent 47’s standard black suit and red tie (gotta blend in somehow).

For the sniper assassination, I had to make my way to an agency drop point which contained a sniper briefcase (yes, the sniper briefcase is back). To do this, I had to sneak through some restricted areas while dodging anyone who could have outed me as a trespasser. This also required me knocking out a waiter, hiding his body, and stealing his uniform to get through a few spots.

I eventually made my way to a perch overlooking the track (as my target was literally in the race) but found a napping guard obstructing my view. This was solved easily by throwing a brick at him to knock him out. At the perch I tracked my target as she drove down the straightaway towards me, and then I took my shot. The car erupted into flames and then exploded. Target eliminated.

Next I tried my hand at a more finessed and close up approach, by remote explosive. This time I made my way through the paddocks and again into a restricted area. Avoiding getting caught, I worked my way down to a van in the garage which held a silenced pistol and remote explosive. I also had to knock out a security guard and take his uniform. While I made my way to a VIP area, an opportunity revealed itself regarding a pit crew member. Following my new lead, I made my way into the pits which involved acquiring a waiter’s uniform, poisoning a drink, then acquiring a pit crew uniform.

Once in the pits for my target, I was greeted by the crew chief who wanted me to work on the wheels for the upcoming pit stop. This was my chance to plant the remote explosive. After the pit stop occurred and the target was back on the track, I made my way to some stands for a front row seat to the carnage about to take place. As the car was passing in front of my view, I triggered the explosive which then leads to a fiery demise to my target. Looks like accidents happen.

Final Reaction

After playing through the demo, I can honestly say Hitman 2 is on my list of games to get later this year. There is almost limitless playability as there are so many ways to complete missions. Throw in user-created and developer-created contracts as well as a multiplayer co-op mode and you have a concoction for success. One of the many things that stuck out to me was the immense number of NPCs that were around. IO has stated that the Miami mission alone has over 2,000, which is insane!

If you’ve been a fan of stealth games and are looking for a challenge, then I’d definitely say you want to keep your eyes on Hitman 2 when it releases November 13th on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Check out some of the gameplay below for yourself.

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