Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a 4DX masterpiece

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is another one of 2018’s summer blockbusters that received the 4DX treatment. But how does the film feel with 4DX compared to the others? Well, its pretty fantastic! I have already seen a few films so far in a 4DX theater, including Justice League, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Thor: Ragnarok. These are all pretty diverse and loud films that appeal to people looking for an action-packed experience, and this film was no different. In all honesty, it actually felt better than some of those films.

The theater was packed with people, including a girl who sat next to me. She was on a date, telling him that it was her first experience in a 4DX theater. As soon as the lights went down, the film started with very subtle seat movement, but as the film continued on, the scene grew into an incredible scene with a storm that made the whole theater rumble! The 4DX effects that accompanied the scene created a heightened feeling of anxiety caused by the immersive feeling of the effects.

There was a few long scenes of dialogue that had no effects with the occasional slight vibration or wind, but the effects could definitely be felt and were worth the investment during the scenes that counted. When the T-Rex roared, you felt it roar. When there was a crash, you felt the crash, adding to the fun experience that is 4DX.

A few key scenes in the film that you see in the trailer were made that much more exciting as the chair moved with every one of the actors moves. The comfort of the chair is surprising considering the amount of motion it is able to support. And no, don’t worry, there is no seatbelt or strap like a roller coaster, although you feel like you are one.

I would say that this was by far the best 4DX experiences I have experienced, making Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that much more enjoyable. With effects like the chair movement and vibration, fog, lighting, and wind, it’s rather surprising how much is added to the film going experience with these added elements. Each theater does have a different kind of 4DX experience based on the theater, so look for one, like CGV, that specializes in it.

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