ESPN enters esports partnering with HP OMEN


The realm of esports is growing at a rapid pace. New tournaments with gigantic prizes are emerging and avid gamers are becoming superstars, but yet esports still doesn’t get the recognition gamers feel it deserves. ESPN wants to change that by expanding their reach to the world of esports and they’re doing so by teaming up with OMEN by HP.

During E3, OMEN and ESPN hosted a VIP event for gamers, journalists, and influencers alike to come and see ESPN new esports studio located at their LA Live location. Attendees also received access to OMEN’s newest products giving them a chance to try them out by playing against esports athletes, Benita Novshadian (team CLG) and Diane “Di” Tran (team CLG), as well as an opportunity to meet two-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer Bill Walton inside ESPN’s new esports studio.

ESPN’s director of social media and esports gaming, Roshni Cox, had this to say about their dive into esports.

“What you are seeing with ESPN is we are evolving and we’ve embraced this sport and we’re learning. It shows the commitment we have made not just in LA, but we have a studio in Bristol to get us closer to the teams and players who really provide unique and innovative content.”

ESPN is the leading media outlet for everything sports and to see them entering the world shows that they are taking the gaming community very seriously. But they’re not doing this by placing known sports reporters and having them dive head first into it. Instead, ESPN is taking a grass-roots approach by hiring individuals from the gaming community, which will give them a proper and accurate insight into esports.

“We didn’t just tap a random NFL reporter or random UFC reporter. We understand that there is a unique dynamic in how we speak to the community,” said Roshni Cox.

OMEN by HP entered the world of esports and the gaming industry two years ago, making them the new kids on the block, but that doesn’t deter them from making some waves already. Late last year, OMEN became one of the first sponsors for the Overwatch League, a widely recognized tournament that garners players all over the world. Their sponsorship allowed them to ensure that players would exclusively play their matches on OMEN gaming products.

HP OMEN and ESPN’s partnership is a tremendous milestone for the gaming industry. Esports attracts many people of different types including celebrities and athletes, which proves that gaming is no longer just a pastime. Esports is close to reaching the mark of being a billion-dollar industry, and with ESPN’s coverage, it can catapult the industry into whole new levels that can truly benefit the gaming industry for years to come.

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