EDC 2018 was a PLUR dream

Every year, EDM and music fans alike make their way from all over the world to Las Vegas for the Mecca (at least in North America) of electronic music…EDC. Insomniac has been able to deliver one of the best and unique experiences at EDC year in and year out as well, which continues to attract more and more people. Last year attendance hit 400,000, but this year topped that number with an estimated 411,000 showing up to party.

New Dates

It is worth noting that Insomniac did entire revamp on so many things this year, that I feel like this was the best EDC yet. This comes after CEO Pasquale Rotella promised last year that there will be major changes for 2018’s EDC. One of those adjustments came in the form of a date change for the festival. In past years EDC always took place over a mid-June weekend, but in light of the heat from the past 2 years, the date was changed to mid-May for the first time. This was surely a welcomed change, as the temperature was a lot cooler and more bearable.

Camp EDC

Another big change was the introduction of the first ever Camp EDC. Instead of staying at nearby hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, headliners had the opportunity to camp onsite. One of the biggest proponents of this was to help alleviate and disperse the massive traffic to and from the venue. Campers had the option of coming in an RV or staying in one of the state-of-the-art Shiftpod tents.

My friends and I actually “camped” at Camp EDC, and it was an awesome experience. From yoga and pool parties, to lifestyle classes and dancing lessons, there was no shortage of activities to participate in. There was even a rollerskating rink that you could skate around in for as long as you’d like. It literally felt like Coachella during the day and EDC at night. The Shiftpods themselves were lined with turf on the ground, can comfortably house up to 4 people, and were air conditioned. Walking among the various areas of pods, it felt as if you were on some sort of moon or mars base.

Unfortunately, not everything was all fun and games. There were numerous reports and complaints of people waiting an average of 4-5 hours just to get into the campsites. The most extreme being 10-11 hours, with some people even running out of gas while waiting in line. My group and I were on the lucky end of the spectrum, as we only waited about an hour and a half to get in.

While campers were able to gain entrance to the speedway before those arriving by vehicle, I noticed that there was only one entrance leading out from the campsites. This ended up creating heavy congestion and made getting in a fairly long wait. I give Insomniac the benefit of the doubt though, as this is the first time they’ve decided on an undertaking as such. Even though the first day seemed the worst in terms of problems (there’s literally only so much you can prepare for) they learned from their mistakes and things seemed more streamlined as the days passed.


Insomniac always brings their best to the table, and this year was no different. Along with the new overall theme of Love, we saw brand new redesigned stages for Kinetic Field, Circuit Grounds, Bass Pod, Wasteland, Cosmic Meadow, Neon Garden, and Quantum Valley. Not to mention all the various new art cars and structures all around. Literally every bit of Las Vegas Motor Speedway was utilized to maximize the the best experience possible for headliners.  It truly felt like Insomniac went all-in this year.

Final Thoughts

From sunrise to sunset, EDC 2018 was a wild ride. But it’s a ride that no matter how many times you go on it, you’ll never get tired. I danced my ass (and feet) off to some of the world’s best EDM artists with thousands of my closest friends for an epic weekend I’ll never forget. Will I be back next year? Without question, that answer is yes. The real question is, will you be there too?

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