Hit like a boxer with Creed: Rise to Glory VR game

Creed: Rise to Glory Survios boxing game vr

Survios is doing great things for VR with its variety of video games, immersing you into whatever character you’re playing. Raw Data turned you into an action hero, Sprint Vector had you competing as a super athlete, and the upcoming Electronauts will make you feel like the coolest DJ in the world. During E3, I got the chance to check out the studio’s upcoming VR boxing game, Creed: Rise to Glory, and I truly felt like a boxer… without getting hurt in real life. That’s if you don’t accidentally hit yourself in real life.

In Creed: Rise to Glory, you’ll be playing as Adonis Creed from the Creed film, and the demo’s introduction helped me get a feel for the controls. The two VR controllers will act as your fists and gloves, and to strike an opponent, you hit the air in real life. You can do real-life moves like jab, hook, cross and uppercut. You’ll also have to account for stamina, so make sure to block to regain it back by putting your fists up in front of your face.

To emulate the feeling of getting staggered or knocked out, you will be put in an out-of-body experience where you can see Adonis and your opponent. To get back to your body, you’ll need to run back by motioning your arms like it’s running. (Sprint Vector fans should be familiar with the movements.)

There will be three modes: Career Mode, Exhibition Mode, and Training Mode. Career Mode will have you as Adonis going up the ranks to become the champion. In Exhibition Mode, you can customize your matches like choosing the site and opponent. With Training Mode, Rocky Balboa himself will test your speed, reflexes, and punching power.

If you’re a Creed, Rocky or boxing fan and want an immersive boxing experience without actually boxing, then definitely put Creed: Rise to Glory on your radar.

Also, the poster for Creed II was just released today. The film stars Michael B. Jordan (Marvel’s Black Panther) and will be coming out to theaters on November 21, 2018.

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