E3 2018: Jump Force gathers Dragon Ball, Naruto, Once Piece, Death Note

Jump Force

A new game by Bandai Namco Entertainment will have Shonen Jump stars from different manga in one game. A trailer shown during Microsoft’s E3 presentation shows Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Luffy (One Piece), Naruto (Naruto), Frieza (Dragon Ball Z), and Light Yagami and Ryuuk (Deathnote) duking it out in what looks to be a post-apocalyptic New York City.

The teaser starts with two faces from the Hokage monument (Naruto) scattered in a mountain area. The next scene has Thousand Sunny (One Piece) beached or docked near a city. Finally, we see Frieza’s ship (Dragon Ball Z) also in a mountain location. The voiceover later says that the heroes must unite to fight for our survival.

No gameplay was shown so we don’t know the true genre of this game, but one thing that will likely be a part of this game is a player versus player mode. It could be a similar game to J-Stars Victory VS in which Shonen Jump characters can be played against each other. We’ll¬†definitely know more in the future.

No word on a release date other than 2019, and though it was released during Microsoft’s presentation, I’m guessing that it will also be available for PlayStation 4 and maybe the Nintendo Switch. Are you excited for this new game from Bandai Namco? Let us know on social media.

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