Xbox unveils a slew of games at this year’s E3 press conference

This week the biggest gaming conference embarks on Los Angeles, and to kick off the week of gaming magnificence is the Xbox Media Briefing. This year Xbox’s main focus was to showcase their slew of games that will be released within the next year. Some of those titles are completely brand new games and some were the long-awaited sequels to some of our favorite games. Here are a few of the games that we were treated to during the press conference.

Halo Infinite

2015 was the last time we were treated to a Halo game that followed Master Chief. But soon we’ll be seeing another title to the Master Chief saga with HALO INFINITE. Not a lot of details was given with the trailer, but Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that Infinite will be the greatest adventure for Master Chief

Fallout 76

If you’re a fan of the Fallout games then get ready for the newest Fallout game aptly titled FALLOUT 76. During the Xbox press conference, Bethesda premiered the trailer for their new game which will see fans of the series experiencing the beginning of the post-apocalypse

Crackdown 3

It’s been known that action superstar Terry Crews has always wanted to be part of a video game, and with that dream being crushed by the folks over at Blizzard, Xbox has made his dream come true by giving him a starring role in the upcoming Crackdown 3. And one’s things certain, Terry Crews is going to be blowing up a lot of S**T!

Forza Horizon 4

One of the most successful racing games on Xbox is coming back with a brand new sequel, and this time it’s letting you race all around Great Britain. With this new addition to the Forza series, Playground Games is adding dynamic seasons, which will change throughout your gameplay that will affect how the world looks and how your car will drive.

Division 2

It’s time to become an agent of the Division once again. In the first iteration of Tom Clancy’s The Division, players saw themselves in the middle of Manhattan trying to rebuild after a smallpox pandemic. The upcoming sequel will now take players to fight and rebuild in Washington D.C.

Gears 5

Relinquishing the “of war” part of the title, Gears 5 will see players play as Kait Diaz, who’s accompanied by Delmont “Del” Walker as they set off on their own mission to find answers to the mysterious dreams Kait Diaz has been having. One thing Gears 5 seems to hold onto is the massive guns and bloodshed.

Cyberpunk 2077

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything about CD Projekt Red’s CyberPunk 2077, but fans of the developer were treated to a brand new trailer to close out the Xbox press conference, and the cinematics of the game looked downright impressive.

The biggest video game titles weren’t the only thing that Xbox announced during this year’s press conference. Microsoft Studios has announced that they have added several game studios to their team to help them grow their ever-growing library of exclusive games. Leading the pack is Microsoft’s brand new game studio The Initiative, which is led by former Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher. In addition to The Initiative, Microsoft also added to their studios Forza Horizon developer Playground Games, State of Decay developer Undead Labs, Hellblade developer Ninja Theory, and We Happy Few developer Compulsion Games.

With all the Xbox announcements made during its press conference, it looks as if Microsoft wants to prove that new consoles aren’t the only way we can evolve gaming. With dynamic and adaptive gameplay such as Dying Light 2 and Forza Horizon 4, gamers will be in for a serious treat with the titles coming out in the next coming year.

Check back with us to see more coverage from this week’s E3 convention.

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