E3 2018: Anthem gameplay revealed in new cinematic trailer


Well, E3 2018 is starting off with a bang! Not only is E3 starting earlier and earlier as the years go on, but publishers are starting to hold their own conferences now. It isn’t just for console companies anymore. Last year’s EA conference unveiled for the very first time BioWare’s new IP, Anthem. The new IP piqued the interest of gamers for its futuristic Iron Man-looking style. Not to mention, it’s also a co-op game.

During EA’s conference, BioWare revealed the epic cinematic trailer for one of the publisher’s most anticipated titles, Anthem. Check it out!

The more trailers that come out, the more the game reminds me of Destiny. This is a good thing, at least, from a visual standpoint. As much (valid) criticism that the game gets, the game is still visually stunning. Only time will tell if the game will turn into a disaster similar to Destiny.

In addition to the trailer, BioWare revealed much more information about the actual storyline about the game. “You are a Freelancer [that’s] uniquely skilled to pilot these Javelin EXO suits,” said Cathleen Rootsaerts, lead writer of Anthem. “Our ancient rivals, the Dominion, have discovered a way to weaponize the Anthem of creation. So we need to stop them and protect the people of Tarsis.”

Not to mention, there will be four different versions of the Javelin EXO suit that you can equip between missions. The Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm will have its own strengths and weaknesses, and they can all be customized in various ways.

You will be able to directly purchase cosmetic and vanity items. Unlike Battlefront II, there won’t be any loot boxes in the game. That means that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you decide to use your own money.

And if that wasn’t all, they also gave the official release date for the game. Anthem will officially come out on February 22, 2019.

On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.

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