Echo Combat will have you flying and shooting in zero-G for Oculus Rift VR

echo combat key art

E3 is happening next week, and Oculus has announced new games that will be shown at the gaming convention including Ready at Dawn’s Echo Combat, Twisted Pixel’s Defector, and Moss. To mark the occasion, a new trailer has been released for Echo Combat, the zero-G FPS VR game, which you can see below.

We were invited to play Echo Combat before E3 to avoid the craziness and crowd, and it’s a stirring game that pushes the potential of VR.

Echo Combat Trailer

Echo Combat is a zero-gravity FPS set in the Echo Universe. You and two other players will be going up against another team of three. Imagine trying to escort a payload as enemy players fly around you, trying to ambush you. To help you on your mission, you will have different weapons and tools at your disposal to help you eliminate the enemy or help support your team.

Moving around in zero-G and learning the controls will take some practice, but once you get the feel of things, you’ll be maneuvering and shooting in no time. There are many ways to eliminate an enemy and supporting the team can include deploying a shield or healing teammates. To make traversal easy, you’ll be able to grab onto almost anything. Yes, that includes other players, payloads, and walls.

Cover fire is really important, and if you’re escorting a payload, you can use the payload as a shield. For example, I used my left hand to grab onto the payload, and I was able to come in and out of cover by actually extending my left arm. Once I see an enemy player, I would rapidly fire at them, and if they were to fire back, I would quickly retract my arm back behind the payload. Also, make sure that your legs aren’t out in the open since they tend to hover a bit below your body.

Ready At Dawn has an eclectic list of games (The Order: 1886, Lone Echo, Deformers), and now they can add intense 3v3 zero-G VR action to the list. I had a lot of fun with Echo Combat, and it’s a game that should be on your radar if you’re a fan of team-based multiplayer first-person shooters.

The Open Beta will be available on June 21, and if you can make it to E3, the game can be played at the Alienware booth (South Hall #647).

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