Elderwood Academy brings the wood to tabletop gaming accessories

With your precious dice as your weapons of choice in tabletop gaming, you definitely want something awesome to hold them in. Elderwood Academy will have you rolling in style with their various products. The company offers dice towers, rolling tray, dice boxes, game boxes, and other items.

The dice towers, called Codex Dice Towers, have the shape of a scroll case. There is a removable top where you can drop the dice, and it comes with an attachment to help the dice roll. The rolling tray that can accompany the Codex Dice Tower is called the Scroll Rolling Tray and can be rolled up and placed inside the dice tower. Or it can be stored in it velvet bag that comes with it.

The spellbook game box holds multiple things like your mini or minis, cards, dice, and pens. It also has a whiteboard-type of metal on one side that can be used to keep track of things. Depending on the foam insert used in the spellbook, it can hold those items.

Each of these items is made of wood. Some have a leather (not the faux leather, either) wrap, and in the case of the dice tower, it has rare-earth magnets to help them close the lid and help with the dice roll. Additionally, they are all customizable in one way or another. Two things that are customizable (or at least you are given a choice) are the type of wood used and the type of design etched or imprinted on foil.

For more information, you can visit ElderwoodAcademy.com

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