Kathryn Beaumont on flying for Peter Pan’s live-action reference as Wendy

This year marks the 65th anniversary for Peter Pan, and it’s getting the Walt Disney Signature Collection treatment complete with new and classic bonus features. Fans old and new can get the movie now on Digital and Movies Anywhere, but for those wanting the Blu-ray, it’s coming out on June 5th. Last week we had the chance to chat with Kathryn Beaumont, who was the voice and live-action reference model for Wendy, about working on the classic animated film.

“There was first doing the voice work recording,” Kathryn tells Nerd Reactor. “And then afterward, there was live action which gave inspiration for the artists to watch the movements. When they went to draw the figures, they were able to make the figures look more realistic. They had a vision to go by to help them to do those drawings.”

And these weren’t just a few key scenes. Kathryn did the live-action references for all the scenes. However, there weren’t any real sets.

“It was just a plain room and boxes would mean certain spots,” Kathryn added. “If it was Wendy’s bedroom, ‘That’s the bed over there. That’s where the windows are going to be.’ And then you pretend to look through the window. You just have to imagine all of these other things when you’re doing the live action.”

Peter Pan helps the kids fly to Neverland thanks to fairy dust, and for the live-action reference, Kathryn had to emulate the ability to fly.

“I had a harness around me and there was a rope from the ceiling of the studio. When they filmed, they would hoist me up somewhat. But then I was sort of afraid of heights, so they were very careful. ‘Okay, now Kathryn, we’re just going to raise you up a little bit. And we’ll just let you float back and forth and then we’ll go a little higher. And tell us if you feel uncomfortable.’ They got me used to the idea and knowing that I was safe, I’m like, ‘Okay, I can go a little higher. I’m alright with that.’ So finally they got me hoisted so that they could film the motions as if I was floating in the air.”

When asked if she has conquered her fear of heights, Kathryn laughed and replied, “No.”

You can see examples of the live-action references below.

And the Peter Pan fun isn’t over yet. If you’re in the Los Angeles area on June 2nd, you can watch Peter Pan at Park Center in Griffith Park during Street Food Cinema. To celebrate the 65th anniversary, Kathryn Beaumont will be making an appearance. Doors open at 5:30 pm with live music from Silver Twins at 6:30 pm and the film starting at 8:30 pm. Food trucks will be there including Bahn Mi, Cousins Maine Lobster, Foodism, L.A. Wing Co., Meat the Greek, Thai Mex Cocina, Blast Ice Cream and more. For tickets, visit http://streetfoodcinema.com/peter-pan-la/.

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