EVE Online’s new free expansion, Into the Abyss, is now available

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Fans of EVE Online, the spaceship MMO, will get to check out the new “Into the Abyss” expansion today. It’s a free update that will have players exploring Abyssal Deadspace, an uncharted space that is filled with danger thanks to the new faction, Triglavian Collective. With the update, players will have access to new vessels, weapons, technologies and quality of life improvements.

CCP Games has released a Feature Tour that will go over the new additions.

“Abyssal Deadspace is our next evolution to PvE in EVE Online,” said Bergur Finnbogason, Development Manager at CCP Games. “We wanted to change the dynamics of what players are used to while also maintaining the core elements of EVE’s gameplay.”

“The concept behind ‘Into the Abyss’ is to allow us to test new and brave ideas while providing an immediately engaging and fun experience to our players,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s Chief Executive Officer. “Having such a dangerous new playground will allow us to take not steps but leaps in bold new directions of EVE Online’s further development.”

EVE Online is meant to be played with people, but if you insist on going solo, Abyssal Deadspace is the place to be. You can enter there from any location in New Eden via the Abyssal Filament, and they can be found in exploration sites and by trading with players on the market.


The Triglavian Collective is an advanced civilization with access to Mutaplasmids, and players can use them on existing modules. These may increase or decrease module performance, so be careful when testing them out.

Players will be introduced to Triglavian ships and their weapon system, Entropic Disintegrators. Subscribers will get to use the blueprints located in Abyssal Deadspace to build and navigate the three new Triglavian ships, and the weapons are powerful if you are a capable pilot.

Planetary Interaction has received big improvements for its UI and UX, and these will help with easily maintaining planetary installations and player setup. And if you have a 4K monitor, the UI will scale to that.

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