Gargoyles to receive Funko Pop! vinyl treatment


Gargoyles is a popular Disney cartoon in the 1990s, and if Walt Disney Studios were to make a live-action film, I’m positive that it will make them bank. Since we won’t be seeing a live-action film anytime soon, the next best thing is Funko turning our favorite team into Pop! vinyl figures. The whole gang is present including Goliath, Lexington, Brooklyn, Broadway, Hudson, Bronx and the antagonist Demona.

The Gargoyles series featured medieval gargoyles frozen in time thanks to a spell. They broke free during the present time, and they have vowed to protect the people of New York.

“We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!”







You’re probably wondering what happened to Hudson? If so, he’s available as a 2-pack with Bronx at FYE. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s only available in the stone version.

Stone Demona is available at Hot Topic.

Stone Goliath is available at Target.

The Gargoyles Pop! vinyl figures are coming in July.

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