Knott’s HangTime, the first dive coaster in CA, is its most exhilarating ride yet

knott's HangTime-Night-Time-Rendering-With-Logo

Knott’s Berry Farm’s new roller coaster ride, HangTime, is now open. It’s the first and only dive coaster in the West Coast, and it is designed to give riders that feeling of surfing the waves… except you’ll be diving, going upside down, traveling at speeds of 57 mph and going as high as 150 feet. I had the chance to ride the new attraction in Buena Park, CA, and it has become my new favorite ride at the park.

HangTime has taken over the former Boomerang and Rip Tide rides, and I’ll admit that I won’t be missing them. The HangTime tracks are inspired by the colors of the ocean waves with seats reminiscent of surfboards. The only things holding you in place are the seatbelts and the lapbar with handlebars. There are no shoulder restraints, so you’ll really feel the rush and the excitement. The ride starts off as you go 90 degrees vertically into the air. As the coaster heads toward the 90-degree drop, it hovers for a bit at an angle to allow you to take in the beautiful sights of the city. (More likely it’s meant to scare you before dropping you straight down.)

I went on the ride three times, and the first time I was afraid of raising my hands. My hands were holding onto the handlebars for dear life. On the third try, I was able to raise my arms, but I was still feeling nervous about it. Once the coaster dives, it takes you on many loops and twists, and the movement felt very relaxing during certain moments and other times you’re going fast.

During the night, the LED lights shine, bringing out the light blue tracks and other colors. The actual coaster has chase lights, giving people on the ground something easy to follow.

Below is a photo of us pretending that we’re not affected by the ride. I think we pulled it off. Once I saw the flash, I let out a big sigh of relief as the ride was over. It’s that intense.

You can purchase tickets at the Knott’s Berry Farm site.

Check out the video below to get a taste of things to come.

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