Live a real-life horror film with Quest Room’s Cannibal’s Den

Imagine waking up in a dark and dingy room with no recollection of how you got there. The room is uninviting and is reminiscent of a cellar where things go to die. Suddenly your memories begin to come back to you. You remember that you were headed to a concert with your friends. You called for a driver to come pick you up and on your way there, you and your friends begin to slowly lose consciousness. This is how it begins. This is how your nightmare starts, and for the next 60 minutes, you get to decide whether you live or die. That’s what Quest Room looks to bring with their brand new escape room ‘Cannibal’s Den.’

It’s been awhile since we last played an escape room at ‘Quest Room,’ so when we were invited to try the Cannibal’s Den, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to give it our best shot. When we first started, the environment was shrouded in mystery. One by one our team was led into the room and placed in different areas. This gives us the illusion that we’re waking up in what can be our final resting place. Once the game starts, that’s when the screams also begin. For a brief moment, our team was instantly thrust in an adrenaline-fueled sequence that got our blood pumping, but that disappears as quickly as it comes, as we began to remind ourselves that we only have 60 minutes to accomplish our task.

When the game starts and I get the chance to finally see the Cannibal’s Den, the set design instantly blew me away. This is where I think Quest Room really shines. They put every last detail they can into their escape rooms. The idea is that they want their players to feel as if they’re really in the story and when your set design is done correctly. That’s the feeling I got as I made my way through the room. Every last detail felt authentic, walls and countertops felt dingy and dirty, furniture and props looked worn and tattered. It’s almost as if you didn’t really want to touch anything in the room. If you’ve ever had the interest to be in a room owned by a cannibal, whose sole purpose is to make a meal out of you, Quest Room has surely hit that point on the head.

Cannibal’s Den is rated as a challenging room, with an escape percentage somewhere between 10% to 15%. When you begin the game, you’re not given a lot to start with. Each member of your group is somewhat isolated in an area. This is where a keen skill of observation kicks in. Our team had to rely on strong communication and observation to help each other escape and move further into the game. What I did enjoy was that the puzzles that you ran into were somewhat identical as if you were really trapped inside a den. It gave a good sense that you had to really escape like your life depended on it. When our group successfully escaped our confides, that’s when the real tests start to happen.

Cannibal’s Den is an escape room where you’re not going to find a lot of intricate puzzles and locks that you have to open. Instead what you’ll find are puzzles that just require you to pay attention to the small details. There might a doorknob that looks out of place or maybe a painting that doesn’t quite fit. Some players might note that as nothing out of the unusual, but inside the Cannibals Den, it’s those type of things that matter. Quest Room did an amazing job of incorporating the theme of the room right into their puzzles.

When it comes to a tense and exciting escape room, Quest Room hits it right on the head with Cannibal’s Den. They have crafted an escape room that gives an immersive feeling as if you’re inside a real-life horror film. The set design and puzzles are perfectly crafted and show a great sense of detail. The one thing I noticed that I personally think could have had a little bit more thought put into it was the ending of the room. I could have used a little bit more flare when we had finally accomplished our escape. Cannibal’s Den is a tense and exhilarating escape room with a captivating story that can rival that of any modern day horror film.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

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