Deathgarden is a fast-paced 5v1 game set in a deadly futuristic game show (impressions)

This past weekend, developer Behavior Interactive (Dead by Daylight) launched its closed beta for the upcoming third-person shooter, Deathgarden. I was able to put in few hours on the closed beta to test out the new game, and here are my impressions of the game so far.

From the get-go, fans of Dead by Daylight will find that there a lot of similarities between the two games. The obvious one being that they are from the same developer and that they currently revolve around a team vs one player format. Much like Dead by Daylight, players will have to work together against one player to capture three points which will open an exit. Players can choose to either play as The Hunter or one of the four Runners.

Unlike Dead by Daylight, Runners move much like the freerunners featured in such games like Mirror’s Edge. Runners are also equipped with a bow, which is a nice change of pace from having no weapon in Dead by Daylight. There are currently three roles runners can choose from: Support, Torment and Control. Support allows you to shoot Healing Bolts that heal fellow runners. And you can also shoot Shield Bolts that will provide a temporary shield for other runners.

Torment class does just that, they torment The Hunter. They have the ability to reveal The Hunter to everyone as well as block him from his abilities for a short time with a Virus Bolt. Control is actually much like the Torment class. They can shoot bolts that slow down and even stun The Hunter. Together, Runners can use these classes to aid your fellow runners or help slow The Hunter down.

Now players who choose The Hunter will get the upper-hand when it comes to weaponry. Players will have three different weapons to choose from: a shogun, an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Depending on your play style, you can choose between two of the three. There are also terminals in the game where you can change and even upgrade your weapons. In addition, you are given the option of choosing a different Powers and Perks. Some offer faster reload speed and other offer portable turrets that you can place throughout the arena.

When all these elements come together in Deathgarden, it offers a unique style of gameplay. The best way I could explain it is to imagine four Mirror’s Edge freerunners going up against a Guardian from Destiny. The match type may almost be an exact replica of Dead by Daylight, but the added use of weapons, different perks and use of freerunners make the gameplay faster paced compared to the former.

The game is still in alpha, and I did have some connectivity issues (which is to be expected from a technical test). I think my only major criticism for the game is that I don’t necessarily know why we, as Runners, are running from The Hunter. You’ll have to find out outside of the game that you are in a futuristic game show, kind of like The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. With Dead by Daylight, it was easy to understand that we were playing stereotypical slasher horror film roles and we needed to run away from the killer. So far Deathgarden has not given me the same kind of intense gameplay that my friends and I have experienced in Dead by Daylight.

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