Tommy Wiseau is back in Fathom Event’s ‘Best F(r)iends: Volume Two’

Many people had heard the rumors of a crazed director who created a non-sensical film called The Room. The notoriety of Tommy Wiseau grew by the miles as soon as the cult classic hit theaters. The Room has grown to become one of the best worst movies of all time!

From packing out theaters for midnight showings of The Room, to the recent big screen adaptation of the novel The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau have become a household name, suddenly being drawn back into pop culture. Although the pair had done some smaller works since then, they’re now back in theaters with their latest films, Best F(r)iends: Volume One and Two.

The story of the two films follow the tale of a drifter (Greg Sestero) who befriends a quirky mortician (Tommy Wiseau). Suddenly, an unlikely business partnership is formed. Paranoia soon develops, however, and both men are forced to come to terms with the fragility of friendship and loyalty.

Volume Two follows Sestero’s drifter as he makes a run for it. He finds himself on an expedition across the Southwest, where he encounters wild and crazy characters through a series of twisted and dark foibles. While his misadventure teaches him a valuable lesson about friendship and loyalty, Wiseau’s mortician carries the story home with more than a few surprises.

The film is part of a Fathom Event that is set to bring a bigger experience than just the film. In addition to viewing the feature content, attendees will also see exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in nearly 600 select movie theaters. Check for your local showing by heading over to Fathom Events website.

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