Taron Egerton discusses potential third Kingsman film


During a recent interview with MTV’s Happy Sad Confused host Josh Horowitz, Kingsman lead actor Taron Egerton broke some news. During the interview that focused on Taron Egerton’s new film Robin Hood, which he co-stars with Jamie Foxx, he talked about some of his other upcoming projects. These include the new fantasy musical where he will play Elton John in a film called Rocketman, which is produced by Kingsman‘s Matthew Vaughn. This led to some more conversations about Matthew Vaughn, leading Horowitz to ask about it.

Josh Horowitz: “Last thing, Kingsman 2, 400 million plus worldwide. What does that mean for the future of Kingsman? What are you hearing?”

Taron Egerton: “Yeah, uh, I would be very very surprised if it was the last that you’ve seen of the Kingsman.”

Josh Horowitz: “Talk to Matthew recently? Do you know what’s cooking in his head? ”

Taron Egerton: “I do.”

Josh Horowitz: “And there’s something in there”

Taron Egerton finished saying there’s a lot in there in Matthew Vaughns’ head. Yeah.. but yeah I think you will be seeing more of us, yeah.”

This nearly confirms that ideas are floating around for the third film, giving fans of the film and comic book series something to look forward to.

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