Descent’s spiritual successor, Overload, gets official soundtrack


If you were an FPS space shooter fan in the ’90s, you probably have heard of Descent. It was pretty revolutionary back in the day and featured six-degree-of-freedom and industrial rock music. Well, the creators of the game are back with the upcoming spiritual successor, Overload, and fans can check out the game via Early Access. And if you loved Descent’s soundtrack, then you should happy to know that composers from the Descent series are back including Dan Wentz, Allister Brimble and Jeffy Berlongieri. Overload’s soundtrack is now available on Steam.

Check out the Overload soundtrack at for $9.99.

“If game audio accounts for 30% of the experience, then 20% of that should be in the music!” said Mike Kulas, co-creator, Revival Productions.

“Where sound provides information, music provides inspiration,” added Revival Productions co-creator Matt Toschlog. “As such we decided to incorporate multiple composers to cover the various worlds with an ongoing collage of original music to ramp up the unfolding action. We hope you enjoy the experience!”

Revival Productions is developing the game, and the studio was founded by Matt Toschlog and Mike Kulas, co-founders of Parallax Software.

Overload will be released on the PC/Mac/Linux on May 31, with console versions coming out later this year. You can play the playable teaser on Steam for free to get a taste of the hectic shooter.

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