Luke Cage season 2 trailer introduces a powerful new villain

Netflix has released the first trailer for the all-new season of the hero-for-hire, Luke Cage. In it, we see that Cage has changed from operating in the shadows, to the full-fledged Hero of Harlem. And of course with being practically indestructible, he shows off how much he’s embraced that fact. At least until he crosses paths with a worthy foe by the name of Bushmaster (whom in the comics had bionic arms and a serpent tail). He’s just as strong as Cage and displays it by putting a beat-down on Luke with no sweat. He also tells Cage “Harlem is mine,” after knocking him to the ground.

We also catch glimpses of Claire, who seems to be very prevalent in keeping Cage in check. Misty now has her prosthetic arm (after losing her arm through the events of The Defenders), which is very much in line with her comic counterpart. Lastly, Mariah is still around doing some shady things, so it’ll be interesting to see what plans she has for the city of Harlem.

Overall, it looks to be an exciting upcoming season, which hits Netflix on June 22nd. Also a random side note, Lucy Liu will be directing the first episode. And yes, the same Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill.

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