Becoming the Monster Vampyr trailer

Out from the shadows comes a gameplay trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr. Since its last story trailer a month ago, the new Vampyr trailer showcases some of the combat from Dontnod Entertainment’s newest project. Last year the game was push back to spring of 2018 after a technical issue derailed progress.

With the issue now resolved, the game is on track for its spring release date. Plus the delay has allowed for more polishing and balancing to be applied to the game. Compared to earlier videos for the game, the new Vampyr trailer shows evidence of improvement.

Check out the new trailer below.

First, the voiceover seems to be alluding to an overarching story in Jonathan’s abilities themselves. The trailer talks a little bit about the story and shows off some of the different enemies you’ll be facing in Vampyr. Not only that but it does show some good old fashioned vampire feasting. Even more so doubling down on whether or not Dr. Reid will be a menace or a hero.

Vampyr follows the story of Dr. Johnathan Reid as he battles a disease ravaging his city and his newfound vampire status. As a result, the game follows his quest through Victorian London as he battles the supernatural, his city and himself. Whether or not he saves his city or completely gives into the monster within is completely up to the player.

Nevertheless, with an incredibly fluid combat system and beautifully haunting environments, Vampyr is looking to be one of 2018’s big hits. The game launches on June 5, 2018.

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