Bad Samaritan’s Dean Devlin on valets, Robert Sheehan’s accent, and horror films

Dean Devlin has a history of working on Hollywood’s biggest science fiction films – Independence Day, Godzilla, Stargate, Eight-Legged Freaks, and many other popular films, but this weekend he will enter a new genre – crime horror – with Bad Samaritan.

Devlin knew he wanted to do this film the moment he read Brandon Boyce’s script and purchased the rights immediately. The story itself fascinated Devlin as he never really thought about the valet when he would hand his keys to them. He told Nerd Reactor, “I hadn’t really thought about that. The idea that I could be handing the key to my house who could rob my house.”

Devlin also knew who he wanted to star in the film as well – David Tennant (Doctor Who, Marvel’s Jessica Jones) and Robert Sheehan (Misfits, The Umbrella Academy). Tennant and Sheehan did not even had to audition for the roles. As a fan of both, Devlin had them planned for the roles since he read the script. Devlin even asked Boyce to change the main character’s country of origin in order to allow Irish-born Sheehan to fully portray this character.

“I wanted to make this film with him since I read the script,” Dean revealed. “I knew I was going to be asking him to be vulnerable in a way that is very unattractive. That is not flattering. I didn’t want him to have an accent to hide behind. I wanted that when he exposed himself that it would be really brutal. So I asked the writer to change the character to Irish.”

As producer and director, the script also allowed Devlin to reflect on his own fears and felt a relief when making this film. “I was listening to Jordan Peele talk about his movie [Get Out] and he said something really interesting,” Devlin revealed. “He said that scary movies have a place in our culture. It allows us to face our darkest fear in a dark room filled with strangers and as we all get through it, we all go through a catharsis together and we come out the other side. I think that’s true. That was it for me making this movie. It allowed me to really look at my own fears head on and come out the other side.”

Bad Samaritan premieres in theaters this Friday, May 4th, 2018.

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