Shonen Jump celebrates 50 years

Usually 50-year anniversaries are celebrated with a gift of gold. But I think that would bankrupt Weekly Shonen Jump if they gave everyone gold. Luckily for us we get something better… coffee. That is if you’re a coffee drinker. They have teamed up with a big brand coffee maker, Georgia, to make this happen. There are 50 cans overall with 40 cans available for the public to buy and the other 10 as a lottery. Each can has a depiction of a character from the manga with a quote. The quote has been given a twist to go with the coffee theme.

When you enter 5 can codes between now and June 3rd, you will be put into the lottery for the first 5 of the 10 rare cans. Entering another 5 codes between June 4th and July 16th will have you entering the lottery for the last 5 rare cans. If you happen to win any of those cans, it will all be delivered to your doorstep in a special Weekly Shonen Jump box.

You will need to enter the codes into the Weekly Shonen Jump app. Once you enter the code, you get a free issue of that manga. No word if it is reader’s choices or already picked out. But free is free.

Now this is only available in Japan, so that’s unfortunate for us in the States.

Source: Georgia, SoraNews

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