CinemaCon 2018: Halloween footage will scare the sh*t out of you

Halloween - Poster #1

During Universal Pictures’ epic CinemaCon presentation, we got to see the very first trailer for the upcoming Halloween film. Here is just a small taste of what we saw to whet your appetite until the official trailer release.

40 years ago, a quiet town in Illinois was rocked by the murders of a number of teenagers by the psychotic Michael Myers. In a time where true crime documentaries are all the rage, a documentary crew visits a maximum security prison/institution to visit Myers. You never see Myers’ face but the director/host goes into his bag and brings out something very iconic. A security dog is barking like crazy because he also knows it’s a stupid idea to trigger a reaction from Michael Myers. However, seeing the man hold up the Myers mask in front of him just screams creepy.

Next, we cut to present day Haddonfield where Laurie Strode granddaughter is walking with her two friends. They tell her that her grandmother is Laurie Strode, the only woman to survive that horrific night 40 years ago. The granddaughter tells them that the incident still haunts her to this day. It’s at this point we see that Laurie Strode has learned to be kind of a badass. She has secret compartments in her home and knows how to accurately shoot a gun. Her daughter tells her that she’s overreacting about Michael Myers coming into town for the anniversary. Laurie, on the other hand, knows Michael too well and knows that he’s coming. She has to be a badass in order to protect her family.

In true Halloween fashion, Laurie discovers that Michael Myers has escaped because his security bus has crashed. As we see a young woman (possibly the documentary camerawoman) sitting on the toilet at a gas station, we see someone enter the bathroom through the bottom of the stalls. As the man walks closer, she tells him that the bathroom is occupied. We see a bloody hand go over the stall and drop something on the floor. As the camera zooms in, we see that they’re all teeth. It’s Michael Myers (duh). Myers tries to forcibly open the doors as the woman screams. She is then dragged from underneath the stalls, possibly to her death. Finally, it’s here that we see Michael Myers don the iconic mask once again.

Afterward, we see a montage of frightening scenes where Myers, once again, is terrorizing Haddonfield. In one scene, we see Laurie going to a house where she sees Michael Myers in the window. She takes aim and shoots through the window. Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t Myers… It was just a mirror. The frenetic trailer ends where kids tell their babysitter to close the door to the closet. As she closes the closet, it stops… There’s something blocking the door. As she continually tries to close the door, she finally opens the closet to see Michael Myers in there.

Cut to black.

Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.

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