CinemaCon 2018: The Unbreakable universe collides in Glass trailer

Glass - Unbreakable/Split

Halloween wasn’t the only film that blew away audiences during Universal’s CinemaCon presentation. Not only did we get Halloween but we also got a sneak peek at the brand new trailer for Glass. As always, here is just a small taste of the footage shown until it’s officially released.

Sarah Paulson’s unnamed character is staring at you. She’s essentially telling you that what you think is real isn’t real at all. We all live in delusions of grandeur. In fact, there are no superpowered humans that live in the world and it’s all in our heads. We come to find that she’s talking to “three” people: Elijah, David Dunn, and all of Kevin’s personalities. It’s here that we see clips from the both Unbreakable and Split. Basically, Paulson goes through each character and what makes them special. It’s a refresher of some sorts.

First, she tells David that he’s the only one to survive a train crash. Then she asks David if he truly thinks that he’s a protector. So he replies that he does save people, he sees visions of what they’ve done. But he has to be touching them. Here we see many of David’s heroic actions.

Next, she talks about Kevin and his many, many personalities. “I count 24,” she tells him. But she finds it hard to believe that there’s some kind of beast inside him. Unsurprisingly, Kevin has kidnapped more young high school girls. This time it’s four cheerleaders. “Why do you feel like you’re more than human,” she asks.

All of a sudden, Elijah interrupts the doctor. He tells her that his bones break easily and that some people “don’t die with bullets.” The trailer cuts to a scene of Dunn getting shot. “Some of us can bend steel,” as Dunn bends a steel pipe. “I’ve been waiting for the world to see that we exist.”

We also see a return of Casey Cooke. She’s back in high school but we also see that she has some sort of influence on Kevin. “No frickin’ way,” as Hedwig so eloquently put it.

Here is where we see the fun begin. Elijah tells Kevin that he wants to meet The Beast. “I hope he likes you,” Kevin says as Elijah smiles back at him. As Kevin transforms into The Beast, he gets right into Elijah’s face. “I believe this counts as a team up of bad guys,” Elijah says in the next scene.

We see a montage of some of the superhero action in the film. Elijah tells David that a lot of people are going to die and David pleads with him not to do it.

In the end, Kevin asks for his name and he replies, “First name, Mr. Last name…”

GLASS title shows on-screen.

Glass hits theaters on January 18, 2019.

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