Venom trailer released complete with sharp teeth and long tongue

Venom is based on the character by Todd McFarlane and David Michelinie and has been one of the most popular characters in the Spider-man Universe. Now he has his own movie, and we will try to forget the Venom we were given in Spider-Man 3. After a few teasers, we finally have an official trailer for Venom… and it is glorious.┬áThe trailer is a first step to wiping Topher Grace’s version from our minds.

We get to see Tom Hardy’s take on Venom and his facial features, which uses McFarlane’s head with the long tongue. (I can’t wait to hear what Todd has to say about that.) There is also The Life Foundation that uses the Symbiotes on different patients with different results. I’m guessing one of those results will become Shriek.

Eddie looks to be a struggling reporter and now has a chance to make it big by reporting on this Symbiote and what The Life Foundation is doing to people.

The way Eddie interacts with the Symbiote is fantastic. And the voice of Venom is great! Sounds like The Candyman or Spawn (another McFarlane creation). We don’t get to see a full body shot of Venom, so we can not tell if the spider symbol is on his chest. One other thing we see is that in the early stages, he is using his tentacles to grab things instead of actual webbing, but both could appear in future movies.

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