With PS5 nowhere in sight, PS4 Pro is 20% off via Target’s Cartwheel app

There’s a lot of war in the world, but the one war that gamers are interested in the most is the console war. The major participants are notably Sony and Microsoft (sorry Nintendo fanboys, cold hard truth time now). The last time that Sony and Microsoft did war was back in November 2013, where both companies released their current gen consoles onto the market. At the time of this report, we are talking about 4-plus years now and counting for this console generation. Keep in mind that the gap between previous gen (PS3/Xbox 360) and current gen (PS4/Xbox One) was 7 years.

Over the past few months, there have been reports of Sony looking to delay their next console, predictably the PlayStation 5. This is due to research made by a Kotaku reporter who garnered responses from many tech insiders with even some of those within Sony. The latest rumors are now saying that 2020 could be the earliest that we see the next console generation, but it could even be until 2022

So what do we do now? The answer is in the title, obviously. Target has discounted their PS4 Pro by 20%, so there is no better time to take the mid-cycle life plunge. Personally, I have never had a console fail on me (knock on wood), but I have always taken the extra precautions of dumping heavily used hardware. Cooling fans can only support howling takeoff speeds for so long, due to… science. The reports of “red ring of death” and “yellow light of deaths” are numerous and loud on video game forums, so come with me to the mid-cycle upgrade life. This is NOT a paid advertisement.

Here’s how you use Target’s Cartwheel app to get your discount. Download the Target app to your phone and click on “Cartwheel Offers.” From there you’ll be able to spot the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware discount loud and clear. Take your phone to the checkout with PS4 Pro box in hand. Cartwheel discounts are in-store only. According to the Target App, this deal will expire on April 28, 2018.

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