‘Into the Badlands’ season 3 is stronger and badder than ever

Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

After two seasons of the martial arts drama, Into the Badlands returns this Sunday for their third season.

It’s pretty hard to top a season that had, honestly, the best fight choreography I’ve seen on television in a long time during the second season between Sunny (Daniel Wu) and Nathaniel Moon (Sherman Augustus) in the abandoned temple. But, Into the Badlands continues to dominate in their fight game. Within the first episode, we see three amazing fight sequences that resonates both Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Wilson Yip’s Ip Man. If people tuned into Into the Badlands for the fight choreography by Master Dee Dee Ku, then they will not be disappointed at all. Be warned, the fight scenes are extremely bloody and should not be watched by children or people afraid of blood (be it fake blood).

As for the storyline, if you were a fan of the first two seasons, then you’re already invested in the well-being of the characters and this season, the characters go through more challenging obstacles that we’re rooting that they make it through, even with the difficult trope from the season finale.

Emily Beecham as The Widow – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

The third season begins with the aftermath of the Widow’s (Emily Beecham) war for power. She is in the middle of war with Baron Chau (Eleanour Matsuura) for control of the Badlands. Now, with Waldo (Stephen Lang) and Tilda (Ally Ioannides) gone, the Widow must find a new Regent, which leads us to the Widow recruiting Moon to fight alongside her as her Regent. They engage in a fight that showcases Beechum’s prowess in martial arts. Beechum, who has participated in the fight camp since season one has only gotten better in her fight choreography, which says a lot because she was brilliant in the first and second season.

Sunny is now the sole caretaker for Henry. Sunny is now learning how to be a father, which he has no idea what he’s doing. This, and the guilt of Veil’s death, has caused him to begin drinking. Of course, that doesn’t affect his fighting ability. Wu is a skilled martial artist and proves he’s still got it with a combat in the first episode against three hooligans trying to harm him and Henry.

This season also welcomes several new characters – Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) and his spiritual advisor, Cressindra (Lorraine Toussaint). Pilgrim is a spiritual leader who believes it is destiny for him to take over the Badlands and build a new society. The characters follow a bit of a clicke at times – as faith believers and believing in destiny. But, in this post-apocalyptic world, it works. The old world that we lived in is gone. They only have their beliefs left. So, this makes sense.

The series has continued to surprise me with twists and turns that I did not expect at all. Loyalties are tested. Truths are revealed. And, people die. We were only sent two episodes and it was already so intense for me. I’m dying to see more.

The production and costume values for Into the Badlands have definitely gone up. The previous seasons were fantastic, but we are seeing more use of Ireland’s (where the show is filled) breath-taking landscapes.

The costumes have become more colorful and detailed. Cosplayers will find these costumes gorgeous but also extremely difficult to replicate due to the detailing from all of the characters really. Bajie (Nick Frost), who is a delight this season, is dressed in the coolest threads, which has improved greatly from last season.

Overall, the first two episodes continue the momentum we enjoyed the past two seasons. There was never a slow or dull moment among the characters and plenty of action that fans are craving for from the series.

Into the Badlands returns Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

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