‘Halloween’ sequel debuts haunting new poster

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so excited for films in 2018. It seems that this year has promised (and made good on a few) some of the biggest exploits in cinematic history. From the phenomenal feats of Marvel’s Black Panther to the well-done adaptation of the cult classic novel, Ready Player One, 2018 has really moved in leaps and bounds, and we’re not even half way through it!

Now, with the expectations of what’s to come in the fall, and knowing that the continuation of the famed horror franchise, Halloween, begins this October, you better believe that I’m sitting idly by for any news. And today, news is what we got! Earlier this morning, the poster for the upcoming sequel to our favorite slasher flick was dropped, and it is glorious!

Although the design is simple and minimal, the hauntingly close up of the notorious mask of killer Michael Myers gives us a unique glimpse of the dead eyes behind the facade. It’s almost as though the creators behind the upcoming film want you to know that we’re not getting some revamped version of the boogeyman, but the one who started it all back in 1978. One of the most recognizable “faces” in horror, nothing else does this film justice than to simply state that Michael Myers is back, and looking for his next victim.

Check out the poster below!

Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green, and written by the Master of Horror, himself, John Carpenter, stars Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and the original Michael Myers actor, Nick Castle. The film stalks its way into theaters October 19, 2018.

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