Magic: the Gathering is set to release Dominaria for MTG Arena!

Wizards of the Coast have just dominated the trading card game industry. In terms of any table top card game, there has yet to arise any other that could knock it from its spot on the throne. It’s undeniable: Magic: The Gathering is unlike any other. But what happens when a digital age meets an analog staple? Well, either an adaptation has to occur, or one becomes obsolete. That’s where the geniuses at WOTC have pulled their brains together, and created something that brings the classic game to a digital platform that’s sure to wow fans, worldwide! And just in time for the next great release that is unlike any other!

WOTC, off the wild success of Magic Online and Magic Duels, are releasing a new incredible opportunity to play with MTG Arena! Although it may seem like the others, in this platform users will be able to connect real world opportunities with in-game rewards. Offering a plethora of additions that continue to roll out, MTG Arena is set to become your go-to when it comes to online trading card gameplay. And just in time, too, as we are on the brink of a new set that will decimate all others!

Are you ready for Dominaria? Magic: The Gathering is set to release their latest set that embroils a tale devised by well-known fantasy author, Martha Wells! Clashing classic Planeswalker titans such as Karn, Gideon and Chandra, the set boasts an impressive arsenal for each color, allowing players to create mayhem and destruction through strategy and strength. Check out a few of the previews that have been released thus far:



Pre-release is set for April 21-22, and will be fully available both physically and on MTG Arena April 26th! Ready to cast the die and see if you can be victorious?

Head over to Wizards of the Coast’s site to find a store near you!

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