Donnie Yen will make a man out of you in Mulan live-action film

Blockbuster international actor Donnie Yen has joined the cast of the upcoming live-action Mulan film. Yen will be playing Mulan’s mentor, Commander Tung. He’ll also be playing opposite Chinese actress Liu Yifei (also known Crystal Liu) who is set to portray Mulan. This will be the second time Yen is teaming up with Disney, as he was in the standalone Star Wars film, Rogue One.

Niki Caro will take on directing duties, and with other films such as The Zookeeper’s Wife and McFarland, USA, I think she’ll do just fine. Jason Reed, Jake Weiner, and Chris Bender will be producing, with Chinese producer Bill Kong (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) will executive produce. If Disney’s selection process for Commander Tung included being swift as a coursing river and have the¬†force of a great typhoon, then Donnie Yen is certainly the right choice.

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