The Greatest Showman gets an Honest Trailer

Were you one of those that gushed all over this movie? Are you one of those who couldn’t stop singing the entire soundtrack? Then this Honest Trailer may not be for you. But it’s funny as hell!

Screen Junkies creates another true to form specimen of hilarity, as they debut their latest Honest Trailers video of the musical smash hit, The Greatest Showman. Filled to the brim with catchy songs and unique visuals, our colleagues dove deep into the “Honest” aspect of their videos and shone a light on the real P.T. Barnum. Chock full of great quips and jabs at the film, itself, this Honest Trailer is quick to point out several oversights of key information about the founder of the “greatest show on earth,” including his supposed affair, his treatment to his performers, and even his unlikeness to Hugh Jackman!

So swing in and take a look at this poignant yet comical take on what many fans may have missed at first glance with The Greatest Showman. Check out the video below:

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