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Burt Reynolds is a Hollywood legend. With films like Smokey and the Bandit and Deliverance, Reynolds has had his fair share of classic films. However, as it is the case with most Hollywood legends, his career has significantly slowed down in the past few years. This is what makes The Last Movie Star such an interesting project for Reynolds. It’s art imitating life. But is The Last Movie Star a good return for the legendary actor or is it another misstep in his recent string of films?

Fortunately, The Last Movie Star shows us why Burt Reynolds is a legendary actor. It’s just a shame that the rest of the film isn’t as good.

The Last Movie Star follows aging Hollywood actor, Vic Edwards. When Vic receives an invitation to accept his “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the International Nashville Film Festival, he decides to accept the invitation. Once he arrives, he realizes that the International Nashville Film Festival isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. However, he decides to use this trip to relive the fond memories of his home state.

The Last Movie Star - Ariel Winter and Burt Reynolds

From the outset, it looks as if The Last Movie Star would be a film that’ll make you feel good at the end. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here. The film is full of characters with annoying personalities. It just so happens that the two main characters are also the most irritating. Of course, it’s understandable that Vic Edwards would be a cranky old man.

The problems of an aging Hollywood star isn’t a new concept. Yet, somehow, The Last Movie Star fails to make Vic a sympathetic character. When Vic acts like a prick to a gang of people that adores him, you don’t feel any compassion towards him. Fortunately, you begin to attach yourself to him as we begin to dive deeper into his character.

Unfortunately, one cannot say the same thing about Ariel Winter’s character, Lil McDougal. If the name isn’t bad enough, her character is easily the most annoying character in the entire film. McDougal has no other purpose in the film than to be the sidekick to Vic. Sure, she has a story arc but it’s not a storyline that’ll pique your interest. In fact, it’ll frustrate you more than anything else. Specifically, you just can’t believe that a girl would be this stupid and loud.

The Last Movie Star - Burt Reynolds

In addition, the film is littered with incredibly awkward dream sequences where Burt Reynolds’ character converses with himself from his old films. Yes, Smokey and Lewis from Deliverance are just some of the characters he converses with. When these scenes appear on-screen, it’s a little jarring. As you can imagine, the rotoscoping job isn’t done well either. Older Burt Reynolds is soft around the edges of the rotoscoping job. Not to mention, the perspective seems a little off too.

Despite all of these issues, The Last Movie Star does perfectly capture the beauty of Tennessee. The countryside and the metropolitan areas are gorgeous to look at. If there’s one thing that this film does really well, it is its ability to make you want to visit Tennessee.

It’s still amazing that after all these years, Burt Reynolds is still a great actor. He’s able to be a prick and also gradually peel away the layers of his character. The emotions he conveys is the primary ingredient to making us feel for him. As incredibly irritating as her character was, Ariel Winter does a great job of being an irritating little brat. Unfortunately, there’s not much else that she could’ve done because of the limits of her character.

Overall, The Last Movie Star is a stale film full of stale and annoying characters. Although the film has good intentions, the film isn’t charming or heartwarming enough to live up to those intentions. But if you’re a Burt Reynolds fan, this film is a nice trip down memory lane.

Rating: 2.5/5 atoms

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