Elevate your gaming with Echogear monitor mount (review)

I’m going to be brutally honest: I’m not much of a PC gamer. I just started getting into it last year, building my own rig, and creating a collection of the most popular games at the time, but let’s be real; time’s a bitch. Either you have all the time but no money, or you have enough money and no time. And I’m short on both. So thankfully with some really good scheduling, and a really awesome job, I’m finally getting some consistency in my life, including time for gaming! And speaking of gaming, now my rig game has completely elevated with the help of Echogear!

Echogear is the company that is creating the latest and greatest in incredible monitor mounts. Their website boasts that they “don’t mess around.” After receiving this product, installing this product, testing this product, uninstalling this product (don’t ask), and reinstalling it, I can honestly say that this mount seriously doesn’t mess around! Let me introduce you to the Echogear GM1FC!



  • Mount Type: Single monitor desk clamp
  • Arm Type: Dynamic gas spring
  • Screen Size Range: 10″-30″
  • Tilt Adjustment: +-15º
  • Height Adjustment: 13.25″
  • Screen Orientation: Landscape & portrait
  • Weight Capacity: 20lbs per monitor
  • VESA Compatibility: 75×75 – 100×100
  • Model: ECHO-GM1FC




The setup with the mount was so easy to understand and follow. Unlike most other mounts where you need to guess whether you have the right parts, Echogear label each of their parts to create a seamless process without any issues. My desk tends to run a bit deeper than most, so obviously my concerns were that: A) it actually can connect and anchor properly on to my desk, and B) that my screen can actually reach me so I can see it. Both my fears were squashed instantly as soon as the mount was connected and secured to my desk.

The mount attached securely to my wooden desk, but it can certainly be mounted to any hard surface that acts as your desk. Despite the anchor looking a little questionable in terms of quality, the mount is extremely sturdy. I attached my screen to the mount, and stepped back to get a final look at the whole setup: it was glorious! I sat down and tested my second worry, and sure enough, the screen moved all the way up to my face! It’s reach was perfect!

I also use my rig to record audio and produce podcasts, so one of my other concerns was being able to move my screen from side to side, as well as having the ability to tilt. When you’re producing a show that may have up to 3 or 4 participants, making sure to have clear visibility can be key. Echogear must’ve heard my thoughts, because this mount can totally move!

And not just forward and back, as mentioned previously, but also up and down, and side to side. I had full range of motion when adjusting the screen, and was able to get a full view of the hosts. What was even better, is that if I wanted to see the person in front of me, I could just move the screen down, and tilt back. This gave me so much flexibility as a producer, that I had been wondering why I never used this before!

All in all, this mount really held up to the rigorous testing I put it through, especially when circumstances caused me to have to uninstall it, and then reinstall (small snafu with a curtain rod hitting my screen and needing to replace it, no biggie). I’ve put this thing through its paces, and have to say for what it offers, and the price point ($129.99 MSRP), it’s an absolute must-buy for desktop enthusiasts.

If you’re ready to step up your setup, head over to Echogear’s website and buy yours today!

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

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