Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets an Honest Trailer

Seriously, did no one see this one coming? I honestly walked out of the theater and opened up YouTube that day, waiting for the Honest Trailer for the film to drop at any second.

The fact that not even 24 hours after the film debuted the internet was inundated with parodies and satire about the “unique” entry into the new trilogy of Star Wars. From bare-chested Kylo to teet-pulling Thala-sirens, it certainly wasn’t hard to find areas in the film where you could completely and easily convert to side splitting fun! And that is exactly what the talented folks over at Screen Junkies did!

Journey into the depths of both sides of the coin as Screen Junkies releases a brand new Honest Trailer for the sci-fi polarizing film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With the help of the original voice of Honest Trailers, Gannon Nickell, Screen Junkies fully embodies the battle among the fans over the film. Watch as the Trailer satirically notes each side of the argument, finally ending with the one thing that every fan can agree on about The Last Jedi: PORGS! So check it out, and bask in the brutal honesty of how each side and their arguments are overshadowed by the biggest elephant in the room: Solo: A Star Wars Story is totally and utterly doomed.

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