Art installation lets you enter the hypnotic mind of Legion

In today’s sea of superhero shows, no show has received critical acclaim like FX’s ‘Legion’ has. Personally, it was one of my favorite show last year, so I’m excited that season 2 is just around the corner. Legion revolves around a character named “David Haller,” a man who has lived his entire life as a schizophrenic. But after a chance encounter, he soon discovers that he has special powers that will change his life forever.

To prepare fans for the arrival of season 2, FX created an artistic video installation. Created by renowned artist Marco Brambilla, the LEGION CHAMBER is a 360-degree micro-theatre that will feature a one of a kind presentation. Fans will find themselves disconnected from the outside world and fully immersed in a hypnotic digital realm of Legion. FX wants fans who step into the chamber and experience the 360-degree art installation to come out and question what is real… and what is not.

The Legion chamber is a free exhibit that is located at Goya Studios in Los Angeles. The exhibit opens its doors to awaiting fans starting March 30th and ends on April 1st. If you’re a huge fan of Legion like me then this exhibit is something that’s worth seeing. I’m excited to see what kind of installation they create that can capture the truly unnerving and chaotic mind of David Haller.

You can get your tickets to the Legion Chamber at here.

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