Video game crossovers we’d love to see

By A. Lynn Rush

Video game crossovers are nothing new — all you have to do is look at “Smash Bros.,” “Marvel Vs Capcom,” or “Tekken” to find a motley crew of characters from all corners of the video game universe. “PlayStation All-Stars” lets you pummel “God of War’s” Kratos as Fat Princess, while “Final Fantasy XV” celebrated the world of “Assassin’s Creed” with the Assassin’s Festival DLC. Now Witcher fans can expect to see Geralt pop up in Soul Calibur 6 – but let’s be honest, every game could use more Geralt.

In the spirit of all jolly cooperation, here are some more crossovers – from the serious to the silly –  we’d like to see.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World” is no stranger to guest stars.”Horizon Zero Dawn’s” Aloy popped up as a quest giver — and you could dress Palico up as a watcher (not to mention “Street Fighter’s” Ken, “Devil May Cry’s” Dante, and Mega Man). Since food plays such a large part of successful questing, why not feature a guest star from “Final Fantasy XV’s” Ignis? (Noctis is showing up in Tekken after all.) Hunters can help him come up with a new recipe — one that can help players take on a tortoise the size of a mountain, perhaps.


“Overwatch” is a cheerful FPS that features happy characters giggling and shooting each other in the face. In the same vein of Junkrat blowing stuff up, why not bring in “Borderlands’” Tiny Tina? She and DiVa can discuss the merits of bunny rabbits. In addition to bombs, crumpets and DnD, Tina also likes to tag her territory — which means themed sprays would be ready to go.


“Bloodborne” is a world filled with vicious monsters, a landscape that looks like perpetual Halloween and a whole lot of salty players. Amongst all the tattered cloaks and gunshots, one famous undead character from video game’s biggest franchise would fit in perfectly — Final “Fantasy VII’s” Vincent Valentine. He’s one of the coolest and spookiest characters on the roster, and, let’s face it, the ability to hover sure would help dodge incoming murder.


Borderlands 3” might be the top of my most wished for announcements at E3. Among the looting and shooting, quipping antiheroes of Pandora, only one man — erm, robot — would really fit in: “Destiny’s” Cayde-6. While his fondness for chickens might be better suited to Zelda, Cayde-6 can rogue his way through the unending jokes and sarcasm that makes the Borderlands family so darn lovable. Also, he’s Nathan Fillion. ‘Nuff said.

Need for Speed

Are you a super serious car guy who likes super serious car games, or maybe you just appreciate sims who not only have beautiful cars? “Need for Speed” might be the game series for you. Why not combine your love for racing in the streets with your fondness for aesthetics with a little bit of crossover from another car game — one that’s only really serious about trick shots? That’s right, it’s “Rocket League.” It might be hot wheels soccer, but imagine how much fun it would be to pass a souped-up Ford Mustang BOSS 302 while wearing a sombrero? Don’t forget to use your “Nice shot!” emote when someone screws up.

Trauma Center

If you watched too much “ER” and “Chicago Hope” in the 90s, “Trauma Center” is probably the game for you. Live out your medical (and anime) dreams! If there’s one guy who can help Derek Styles, Angie Thompson and Naomi Kimishima save patient lives, it’s Dr. Mario. Who cares if prescription drug abuse is rampant, there’s an antibiotic-resistant bacteria thing emerging from hospitals, and the prices of prescription drugs are astronomical  — Dr Mario is armed with pills, pills and more pills. Like the song says, he’s got the cure!

Mario Odyssey

Speaking of Mario, his magic hat is what helps him defeat Bowser in “Mario Odyssey;” it’s also the thing that highlights some of the creepiest, nightmare-inducing critters that litter the various worlds. That caterpillar, for example. Know what else would look super freaky with Mario’s hat mind-controlling it? The monsters of “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne.” Imagine being a big ball of snakes! Your superpowers could include poison and scaring the hell out of Indiana Jones. Or how about Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen! She’s a giant murder-y bride in a gown and veil. Optional outfits for that level include the wedding suit and hat. Though Nintendo might want to re-think that E for Everybody rating.

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