Nokia Steel HR Review: A sleek way to track your health while you play


Nokia has been known for their amazing cell phones, but today we will look at another side of the company that caught our attention at CES 2018. Nokia creates lifestyle tracking products as well. The one we are reviewing here is the Steel HR, a fitness watch similar to a Fitbit in functionality. Everyone knows that gaming for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your health, so let’s take a closer look at why this product caught our eye.

Specs & Features

The Steel HR can track your steps, distance walked, heart rate, sleep, and calories burned. It’s not as detailed tracking as some other trackers, like the GoBe2 that tracks your emotional state. It does, however, work really well with the information it does track. The mobile app that connects to the device is incredibly user-friendly. It’s split into 5 tabs:

  • Timeline – Shows a history of your daily activity.
  • Dashboard – Customize and see only what you want to see.
  • Programs – Info on how to improve sleep, track pregnancy, improve weight, and a leaderboard.
  • Devices – Allows you to connect multiple Nokia devices for optimized tracking.
  • Profile – Shows badges won, goals, link with family, and connect with other apps.

The information is displayed using graphs you can touch on to get more data. Every week you’ll get an email with updates on your health for the week and where you can improve.

The most impressive bit of this tech is the 25-day battery life. Yup, 25 full days. Crazy, right!? I like using a Fitbit, but sometimes I would set it to charge and completely forget about it. Fitbits last about 2-3 days and the GoBe2 last about 1-2 days. It’s crazy how much life the Steel HR provides. It’s also water resistant up to 50m, so I basically never had to take it off for the full 25 days. Although it’s kind of weird showering with a watch on…

You’ll find only one button on the device, which cycles through the categories being tracked. The hands on the clock are analog but will also show the time digitally when using the display. There is another analog dial that tracks your progress to reach your daily step goal. Something about those analog dials make this feel so premium. It’s really a great and thoughtful way to display your steps goal. The sensor used falls in line with the GoBe2 in accuracy. I found that the Fitbit sensors could use a bit of work when it comes to improving its data’s accuracy. The mobile app will also sync with Nokia’s other lifestyle devices so you can get even more precise details. They also have devices for expert sleep tracking and a smart scale too.

It works with your phone for notifications on texts and calls but won’t show the actual message, since the screen is so small. I do wish that I could choose additional apps to get notifications and could read the message on the device. If they could find a way to scroll the message across the small screen, that would be a nice touch. You’ll find that the mobile app can connect with nearly all fitness apps, like Google Health and Runtastic. It’s nice for those that get serious about their tracking but don’t like using multiple apps.

Build and Aesthetics

This is the part that caught my eye the most at CES 2018. There are many watches that track your health, but most of them have LED-type displays. I like the classic analog style, as do many people. It’s easy to see that it was first designed as a watch, and then a tracker. My experience went from “What’s that thing on your wrist?” to “Nice watch!” It is incredibly comfortable since its focused on being a watch first. Nokia has several options available when it comes to color and size.

The charger works very well in how fast it charges, but it could use some work in design. It doesn’t quite click into place or stay in place very well. It has a simple sit and charge method, but no clips or magnets to hold it in the proper place to charge. So it charges great, but you’ll want to make sure its actually charging before walking away.

Final Reaction

As a gamer that works to stay healthy, it’s so convenient to have the Steel HR. Being able to wear a device that I feel comfortable wearing in any setting, including a suit for a job or interview, is so convenient. It’s absolutely worth the $179.95. A stylish and modern way to track your health. If you didn’t get a question answered, pop a comment below and I’ll get you an answer. As always, thanks for your continued support.

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