3rd Day Escape: When Worlds Collide escape room (review)

When Worlds Collide

Nerd Reactor’s escape room enthusiasts were faced with quite a challenge when going through 3rd Day Escape’s newest escape room, “When Worlds Collide”. We had already experienced rooms by 3rd Day Escape with the “Hourglass” and “Harvest Motel,” with the latter being one of our favorites in San Diego. With this track record, we weren’t sure what to expect at their newest room, and soon found ourselves in a completely different type of adventure.

Synopsis: When Worlds Collide is our brand new A-Symmetrical Race Room. Two teams will be pitted against each other in either the “Fantasy” or “Reality” realm. Your objective will be to race against the clock to acquire the famed Crystal of Power in order to save your world.

This room has a minimum requirement of 4 players with a maximum of 12 players. The reason is that the room is actually 2 separate escape rooms, pitting teams against one another. We did a 3 vs 3, which proved to be both fun and challenging. Each room has a theme, as you are either part of the Fantasy or Reality team and racing against the clock to escape your room and save your world in under 60 minutes.

Reality Room

I was part of the Reality team and faced one of the most difficult challenges that I have ever experienced, mostly due to overthinking it. The room is set like a classical study or office, with a bookcase, desk, fireplace and a few tables with some art hanging. It makes you feel as if you are in the office of someone who’s smart enough to help save the world. The person left behind clues for us to solve and it was the only thing standing in the way of us saving our world from oblivion. I am not too sure if the story was truly captivating, but the puzzles more than made up for it.

In the end, we did escape with a little bit of time left. Overall it was fun, challenging, and rewarding. But if I could give a hint, it would be to make sure that if you do get stuck in one of the challenges, that you switch puzzles with a team member to get some fresh eyes on the challenge.

Fantasy Room

This is Narvin here, and I was actually on the opposing Fantasy team against Robert. The Fantasy room was comprised of (as you guessed it) Fantasy-themed elements and puzzles. I found the puzzles to be fairly challenging, but not too hard that it stumps you and stops all progress. It is another thing I enjoyed since it’s a non-linear experience. You and your teammates can all be working on different puzzles at once and progress through the room without having to ensure you have to solve one puzzle in order to get to the next one. In the end, we were able to finish our room faster than the Reality team and win the day.

If you’re in the San Diego area and you’ve got a big group looking to have some competitive fun and do an escape room at the same time, then visit 3rd Day Escape and go battle it out in When Worlds Collide. You can check their official site for bookings and more info.

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