Rejoice! Microtransactions are returning to Battlefront II

Fans of Battlefront II will be glad to hear that microtransactions are back, baby! Sadly, they’re only returning in the form of cosmetic upgrades. Starting in April players will be able to purchase these skins with real-world money or in-game crystals.

In addition, EA has tweaked their progression system. No longer can crappy players with disposable income pay to win. Now you must advance through sheer skill and determination, not unlike eating an entire $20 family meal deal from El Pollo Loco all by yourself.

Existing inventories and progression will not be affected, but players will no longer be able to purchase loot crates or Star Cards. In its place is the aforementioned progression system that allows players to earn experience and skill points to level up.

It seemed like only yesterday that the internet raised their pitchforks in unison, calling for EA’s head, forcing them to temporarily abandon their microtransactioning ways. But like the phoenix, EA’s greed has risen from the ashes to burn holes in your wallets once again.

Source: Kotaku

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