3rd Day Escape’s Hourglass 2.0 escape room (review)

3rd Day Escape hourglass

The Nerd Reactor gang recently went on a trip to San Diego to check out the escape room scene. In our first trip, we’ve experienced 3rd Day Escape’s Harvest Motel, The Unlockables’ The Escape, Lockdown, Entrapment, and more. In short, San Diego definitely has a lively escape room community. Of course, our two favorite rooms were from The Unlockables and 3rd Day Escape, so we had to check out their other rooms, Unlockables’ Sister’s Secret and 3rd Day Escape’s Hourglass 2.0 and When Worlds Collide.

Hourglass 2.0

Synopsis: In Hourglass 2.0 we rejoin Detective Lance, formerly a police detective—now, a lone private eye. Lance resigned from the force years ago after he failed to catch the perpetrator of a high-profile murder known as the Hourglass Case. Now, the Hourglass is back. Five more victims lie dead at the hands of the Hourglass Killer. Detective Lance has all the information he needs to put the pieces together, and he’s called for your help. It looks like the Hourglass killings might have more to them than meets the eye . . .

The room can be played with at least 2 players and at most 8 players. You have 60 minutes to figure out the Hourglass killing before you end up as his next victim.

The setting of the room is a detective office with a desk, bookcase, TV, and etc. You are tasked with scouring the room for clues in order to proceed to the next puzzle. We split into groups of two, and it had a very nonlinear vibe as each group had something to do. The group will need to decipher numbers, figure out combinations for locks, and study clues found in a media device. Hints are available, so if your group is feeling stuck, they can get an extra nudge in the right direction.

What I enjoyed most about Hourglass 2.0 are the changes in the setting. At first, everything seemed normal… quiet, but normal. As you progress further, it gets more twisted until you reach the finale. And it’s there where you will find an eerie surprise.

In the end, we were able to escape, and since we are escape room enthusiasts, we kind of know our strengths and weaknesses, and we would switch off people if one puzzle was stumping them.

I still recommend 3rd Day Escape’s Harvest Motel, but you will still find enjoyment from Hourglass 2.0, especially if you want to feel like a detective solving a murder case.

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