State of Decay 2 launch date announced

State of Decay 2

Since last year’s E3, fans of the Zombie genre have been waiting for more news on Undead Lab’s sequel to their 2013 hit. The news that State of Decay 2 will launch on May 22 for Xbox One and PC came as music to many fans’ ears since waiting for more information about the game became almost unbearable. Those who pre-order the game are granted access to it four days before its release. That’s plenty of time to soak in the new features and improvements to one of the best open world sandbox zombie games out on the market.

The original State of Decay launched on the Xbox 360 first and was ported to the PC later that year as a Steam Early Access title. It places the player in charge of a small group of survivors and has them managing the survival of the characters. The player can spend time gathering supplies or fortifying their base to make things easier on themselves. What makes the game stand out in comparison to other zombie games is its permadeath system. Whenever a character dies, be it by zombie or sickness, that character is completely removed from the game.

Not only that but since each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, this drastically impacts your other survivors. This mechanic adds an extra layer of danger to each time you play the game and keeps the experience fresh. Plus the DLC content that was released also added a lot more to the game. Microsoft even created a remastered version of the game for the Xbox One.

The original game had a lot to offer players, but the base game was still missing something that most of the player base wanted: co-op. With the launch of the sequel and co-op support, the game looks to reach an even wider audience than before. Especially since State of Decay 2 will be supporting Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative.

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