Thor: Ragnarok gets an Honest Trailer

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about an Honest Trailer. I guess, however, if we were going to start back up, Thor: Ragnarok is a great way to begin!

I don’t think anyone can disagree that Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok was the smash-hit Marvel film of last year, and the best in the Thor trilogy EVER! Between the genius direction of Director Taika Waititi and the whit and humor of Jeff Goldblum, Ragnarok completely blew people’s minds in theaters, worldwide. So leave it to the skillful hands of those at Screen Junkies to build a fun yet fun-poking Honest Trailer about the film that everyone can agree on.

Jabbing at everything and everyone, including the length of the new opening logo to the “dead weight” that held the previous films back, the Trailer has no qualms about being the voice of the Marvel fans. Have a “thunderous” (get it?) time as you watch the latest Honest Trailer below:

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