Monster Hunter World: First Wyverian exploit

Monster Hunter World

Without a doubt, Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has been a paragon of gaming excellence with its flat price release remaining unbloated through microtransaction nonsense. It’s given me and a huge population of RPG gamers the fix we’ve so desperately needed since the plunge of Bungie’s last project.

Monster Hunter World also boasts a robust and quite grindy endgame system where players spend countless hunts searching for the Decorations (Skill Gems) they so desperately need to complete their respective sets.

There are two main sources of endgame quality gems: Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations, and The First Wyverian Ritual. We will be focusing on the latter, as its random seeming loot box property can be manipulated to our advantage with a bit of preparation.

NOTE: As this exploit isn’t meant for newer players, it will require you to be deep in the game, having cleared all bosses and unlocked Tempered Elder Dragon Investigations.

10+ Gleaming Streamstones
Enough Decorations for at least 8 (3 Deco) Rituals.
A Notebook or GoogleDoc/Excell file.


STEP 1: Backup and upload your save file.

This can be done with either the PS4’s cloud save system or with a simple USB drive. I use both to be safe.

STEP 1.5: For the Paranoid, try loading the save and make sure it works.

STEP 2: Start the game as you would normally, and take all decorations off your armor sets. We’ll be using them as fuel.

STEP 3: Approach The First Wyverian in Astera and begin the Melding rituals, feeding her any and all gems without hesitation.

As you complete each ritual, write down the results in the order they appear, making sure to include which decorations are found in which of the 3 slots as well. Put a mark next to which ritual yields the best, most expensive results as well as the Decorations you may be searching for.

Now that we have a complete list of the next 10+ rituals, we can exit the game without saving. This can be done by simply choosing Quit. (Don’t save from the menu!)

STEP 4: Download your previous save to your system from either the cloud or the USB.

STEP 5: This is where we have a few different options for figuring out how we get our desired results.

NOTE: While a different option exists, it complicates and lengthens this process and can result in accidental mistakes that set you back significantly.

To move your position down by 4 slots, you need to complete 3 missions. These can be Assignments, Events, Investigations, or Optional quests.

To move your position down by 1 slot, you’ll need to complete one Wyverian ritual, but you can use the lowest level ritual with one gem to “Cheat” your spot on the list. You’ll only lose about 4-8 points of Decorations.

As you go down this list, remember that high-rank Decorations can yield 64-128 points a pop, and if they’re in the first slot, it’s usually worth to try and snipe that one for an easy gain.

STEP 6: Once you’re ON the spot you need to be, go ahead and complete your Wyverian ritual and obtain those Decorations you’ve desperately wanted and needed.

To make this entire process much faster in the future, make a habit of backing up your save before a play session and going through this scouting mission. You’ll be able to make the most of your time with a quick investment of 15-20 minutes while having fun rolling a bunch of not-so-random loot boxes.

Lastly, I honestly hope Capcom makes the easy fix and fully randomizes Decoration orders, as I love this game, and hope it has a long, grindy lifecycle as further content is rolled out over time.

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