Fulfill your inner Lara Croft inside this Tomb Raider escape room

The world has been waiting for the triumphant return of the iconic video game heroine Lara Croft. It’s been quite a while since we last saw her (15 years to be exact) portrayed in film, and that was Angelina Jolie bringing the character to life. On March 16th, we’ll see Lara return in a reboot to the film series based on the most recent reboot of the game franchise. Of which I highly recommend, as they are phenomenal games.

While playing the Tomb Raider games though, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind at least once or twice on what it would be like to Lara going on all these adventures. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area through March 4th, you’ll have that opportunity. Warner Bros. have teamed up with Escape Hotel Hollywood to bring us a Tomb Raider Escape Room for a limited time.

I recently had the pleasure of going through this Escape Room, and it was great to say the least. The room does a great job of immersing you into the environments that you’re accustomed to seeing in the game. They spared no expense in giving you the full experience of being Lara Croft, with everything being so meticulously detailed. Unlike most other Escape Rooms that have a time limit of 60 minutes, you only have 15 minutes to escape the tomb. There were three separate rooms, and solving puzzles in one helped lead you to the next.

Luckily, you’re not alone, as you can have a team of up to 8 conquer this adventure. The puzzles weren’t too hard, but I’m sure having done multiple Escape Rooms prior didn’t hurt either. We were able to make it out alive, but with only 4 minutes left. Albeit short, it was definitely fun and I recommend checking it out if you have the opportunity. Oh, and I forgot to mention, this room is completely FREE!

Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16th. For booking info on the Tomb Raider room, head here.

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