Far Cry 5 live-action short film Inside Eden’s Gate is coming to Amazon Prime

Far Cry 5 is only less than a month away, but Ubisoft has decided they want to give us a taste of things to come. Starting March 5th, you can watch Inside Eden’s Gate, an short film coming exclusively to Prime Video on Amazon. The film takes place in Hope County, Montana, which is the same location as the game. It follows three vloggers who are investigating mysterious disappearances of locals, as well as many other odd events.

Their leads take them to a fanatical religious cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate. More importantly, it puts them face-to-face with the cult leader, Joseph Seed. It is worth noting that Joseph is played by Greg Bryk, who voices the character in-game. The deeper the vloggers dig, the further down the rabbit hole they fall. I must say (at least for myself) that this is definitely building the hype for the game in a good way.

Far Cry 5 hits stores on March 27th.

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