Demon’s Souls servers shut down

Demon's Souls

After 9 years the online functionality for the game, Demon’s Souls, ends on February 28, 2018. Fans of the developer FromSoftware, known for creating the immensely popular Dark Souls series, will be familiar with Demon’s Souls, even if they have never played it. It was the first game from the developer that inspired the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. And all three games are known for their high difficulty curve and rage-inducing mechanics.

The online multiplayer components of Demon Souls consisted of co-op and competitive PvP which have become staples for the Soulsborne series. The shutdown of the online means not only do those options disappear but so do the several smaller features such as messages and phantoms. Phantoms served as markers to allow players to see how others died in the areas they themselves are in.

The Demon’s Souls servers were originally slated to shut down back in 2012, but its publisher, Atlus, decided against this with their VP of Marketing Tim Pivnicny stating, “a number of developments have made it possible for us to continue to invest in and support our fans as they have continued to invest in and support us and Demon’s Souls.” This staved off the shutdown for a number of years, but it seems that now the time has come. Atlus announced last year that the shutdown would be coming and players have been waiting with baited breath since then.

While the shutdown does come as a disappointment, the Dark Souls Remaster is on the horizon with gamers have something to look forward to. Demon’s Souls is a groundbreaking game and fostered some of the best in-game communities in recent years. The end of its online service is saddening, but not the end of the road for a game with such a large following.

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