Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 PLUS (Nintendo Switch Review)

Pac-Man has been a staple in arcade gaming for decades and is one of the most iconic and impactful games in the industry. Championship Edition Plus 2 brings Pac-Man fever to the Nintendo Switch and provides a great game for longtime fans. The game is both a thank you letter and a challenge to anyone who has ever played Pac-Man. It’s a challenge by taking the core experience of Pac-Man and altering it just so to provide a new excitement. It’s a thank you letter by letting those longtime fans indulge in Pac-Man at home and on the go.

Pac-Man Championship Edition is a refinement of the basic Pac-Man gameplay and ramps its difficulty and speed to provide a combination of tight puzzle solving and point collection. The rules of the game are simple, collect pellets and eat ghosts. That’s how Pac-Man has worked for years. It’s a simple game design for pretty much anyone to follow and be good at. Championship Edition keeps this design but modifies it with its Score Attack and Adventure Mode.

Score Attack has you completing levels as fast as possible to get the high score while Adventure mode has you completing levels by eating as many pellets as possible in the quickest way possible. The result is quite simply fun.

Each level tests not only how well you can play Pac-Man, but how well you can solve the puzzles of collecting all the pellets in one go. Even when eating the big pellet that lets you eat a ghost, it triggers these scenes where Pac-Man devours the ghosts who grow in size, depending on the directions you take in the maze. These moments are incredible and rewarding to watch as Pac-Man eats a ghost and your score continues to climb. Even when you fail a level, the game is so fun that you almost immediately want to jump back in. Especially since it’s on the Switch where you are able to get in a few quick levels here and there thanks to it being convenient and fun.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is definitely a game made for fans, but that also is its problem. It isn’t that the game is unapproachable, but rather, if you don’t care about Pac-Man, the game will bore you pretty quickly. Sure there’s a lot of time to spend completing the adventure mode and playing co-op with a friend, but it all boils down to how much you, as a player, like Pac-Man. For fans it’s a must have and well worth its $20 price tag, but for everyone else who could care less about Pac-Man, you’ll have fun but it won’t last you very long.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

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