Total War: ARENA Open Beta starts today

Total War: ARENA king leonidas

Wargaming Alliance, SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced today that Total War: ARENA Open Beta is now available. It will be a free-to-play, team-based strategy game where you can choose your legendary commander and control your army in strategic 10v10 online-only battles.

Greeks, Romans and Barbarians are available in the Open Beta with commanders like King Leonidas, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. The Carthage faction is also introduced with Hannibal Barca, his brother Hasdrubal and new units like war elephants.

The purpose of the game? To work together with other teammates, command your armies and conquer your enemies on the battlefield by implementing deadly tactics and formations.

And the best news of all? All your progress and battlefield experience earned in Open Beta will carry over to the game’s official launch.


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